There’s no doubt that cooking, presenting and serving food is an art.
Before getting tasted, food needs to be savoured by the eyes and the mind just like a piece of art.

Simon, Peter, Jozsef and Lukacs, a group of artists from Hungary, followed this very simple theory and created something where food became art and viceversa.
In fact, during the Vernissage Architecture Uncomfortable in Budapest, this group of friends with different artistic skills, have come together to create not only a design exhibition but a culinary project.
This culinary project followed the same process of creating a sculpture: carving something out of a block and shape it to what the artist want the block to become.
Hence blocks of salt, where not simply blocks of salt, but when broken, revealed beautifully cooked roasted meats.
Finally a piece of art that can also be eaten!
The artist were, of course, also engaged in all the steps of the food preparation.

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Also worth mentioning was the video installation, which featured the food making process supported by live sound design, where every sound was perfectly fitting with every part of the food/art preps.

Enjoy one of the rarest times in which food and art meet through all five senses.

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